Table of equivalent applications

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The Desktop
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
File manager Windows Explorer Finder Dolphin, Konqueror
Control Center Control Panel System Preferences System Settings
Text Editor Notepad TextEdit KWrite
Command Line Interpreter Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell Terminal Konsole
Internet & Networking
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Web Browser Internet Explorer Safari Konqueror
E-mail Client Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail Apple Mail KMail
Instant Messaging Client Windows Live Messenger iChat, Adium Kopete
IRC Client mIRC Colloquy Konversation
Graphics & Imaging
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Image Editor Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Krita
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Audio Player Windows Media Player, Winamp iTunes Amarok, JuK, KsCD
Video Player Windows Media Player QuickTime Player Dragon Player, KPlayer, KMPlayer, Kaffeine
CD and DVD Authoring List of authoring software iDVD K3b
Non-linear Video Editor Windows Movie Maker iMovie Kdenlive
Office & Productivity
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Word Processor Microsoft Word Pages KWord
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Numbers KSpread
Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Keynote KPresenter
Database Manager Microsoft Access Kexi
Diagram and Flowcharting Microsoft Visio OmniGraffle Kivio
Vectorial Drawing Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Karbon14
Project Management Microsoft Project KPlato
Personal Information Manager Microsoft Outlook Address Book, iCal Kontact
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Touch-typing trainer KTouch
System Administration
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Utilities & Tools
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Games & Toys
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
Development & Programming
Description Windows Mac OS X KDE
IDE Visual Studio Xcode KDevelop, Quanta

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