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|[[Image:Applications-internet.png|48px|link=Special:myLanguage/Applications/Internet]]||colspan="2"|<h4>[[Special:myLanguage/Applications/Internet|Internet and Networking]]</h4>
|[[Image:Applications-internet.png|48px|link=Special:myLanguage/Applications/Internet]]||colspan="2"|<h4>[[Special:myLanguage/Applications/Internet|Διαδίκτυο και Δικτύωση]]</h4>

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Αυτός είναι ένας πίνακας εφαρμογών που είναι περίπου ισοδύναμες. Δεν είναι εξαντλητικός, αλλά προσπαθεί να βοηθήσει ένα νέο χρήστη του KDE να βρει πακέτα που μπορεί να ταιριάζουν. Οι επικεφαλίδες των ενοτήτων είναι σύνδεσμοι σε σελίδες με περισσότερο λογισμικό για αυτή την ομάδα.


Επιφάνεια εργασίας

Description Windows Mac OS X Λογισμικό KDE
Διαχειριστής αρχείων Windows Explorer Finder Dolphin, Konqueror
Κέντρο ελέγχου Πίνακας ελέγχου Προτιμήσεις Συστήματος Ρυθμίσεις συστήματος
∆ιερµηνευτής γραµµής εντολών Command Prompt Terminal Konsole, Yakuake, KRunner

Διαδίκτυο και Δικτύωση

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Blogging client Windows Live Writer Blogilo
BitTorrent Client BitTorrent KTorrent, KMLDonkey, KGet
Download Manager FlashGet KGet
eDonkey Client eMule KMLDonkey
E-mail Client Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail Apple Mail KMail
Feed Aggregator Akregator
Personal Information Manager Outlook Kontact
Web Browser Internet Explorer Safari Konqueror, rekonq
Instant Messaging Client Windows Live Messenger iChat, Adium Kopete, KMess
IRC Client mIRC Colloquy Konversation

Graphics and Imaging

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Image Editor Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Krita, KolourPaint
Image Viewer ACDSee Gwenview, KuickShow, digikam, KPhotoAlbum
Photo Management ACDSee digikam, KPhotoAlbum, Gwenview
PDF Viewer Adobe Reader Adobe Reader Okular
Vectorial Drawing Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Karbon14


Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Audio Player Windows Media Player, Winamp iTunes Amarok, Juk, KsCD, Kaffeine
Video Player Windows Media Player QuickTime Player Bangarang, Dragon Player, KPlayer, KMPlayer, Kaffeine
CD and DVD Authoring Nero Burning ROM iDVD K3b, K9Copy
Disk image emulator Daemon Tools Silicon
Non-linear Video Editor Windows Movie Maker iMovie Kdenlive

Office and Productivity

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Word Processor Microsoft Word Pages KWord
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Numbers KSpread
Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Keynote KPresenter
Desktop Database Creation Microsoft Access FileMaker Kexi
Diagram, Flowcharting and Mind Mapping Microsoft Visio OmniGraffle Kivio, Semantik
Project Management Microsoft Project iTaskX, Merlin KPlato
Personal Information Manager Microsoft Outlook Address Book, iCal Kontact
Personal Finance Manager Quicken Billings KMyMoney, Skrooge
Notetaking Microsoft OneNote Evernote BasKet


Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Touch-typing trainer TypingMaster, Stamina KTouch

System Administration

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Partition Editor Logical Disk Manager Disk Utility KDE Partition Manager
System Monitor Windows Task Manager Activity Monitor KSysGuard
System Information EVEREST KInfoCenter

Utilities and Tools

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
File archiver WinRAR Ark
Text Editor Notepad TextEdit KWrite, Kate

Development and Programming

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
IDE Visual Studio Xcode KDevelop, Quanta
Computer-aided translation system Poedit, Virtaal Poedit, LocFactory Lokalize
UML tool Enterprise Architect Umbrello, Kivio
If you need a tool for a specific task, you may find a suggestion on the Tools page

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