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This page has become very long and very detailed - somewhat out-of-scale with most other pages. I wonder if it would be sensible to move a lot of this content to a tutorial on 'Getting the most out of Dolphin' or some such? The Tutorials page seems to be often viewed, and I think it would actually be found more often there than in a general overview page.

I'd help with this, if we go ahead, but it will impact on the language pages, I think, so we need some agreement first. --annew 10:29, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

It doesn't necessarily have to be a tutorial. Actually it isn't a tutorial, tip or howto but more of a handbook. My suggestion would be to split up the current Dolphin page into more manageable chunks, something like Dolphin, Dolphin/Panels, Dolphin/Views, etc. (since each section is quite long and detailed).
As for language pages, we could just move them as well. But yes, we should wait for some agreement. Within two days perhaps? --Jucato
Splitting of a bigger page into many small ones would work, but it is against the wiki idea, or? Could not find the link I want to give. If you split a big page in many small ones it sometimes ends in having stubs. Also it is easier to search in one page instead of getting 10 pages as a search result and grep them for desired content. Just my 2 cents. --Mark Ziegler 12:53, 2 October 2008 (UTC)
Splitting into smaller chunks of information was just one idea. Of course we could just keep it all in one page, but definitely needs a proper table of contents. I was just thinking about the situation where the page gets too long and too overwhelming. Presenting it in more manageable chunks would be better, like what most KDE Handbooks do.
Whichever way is chosen, the important thing is that the "front page" for each app ( would be a simple, digested summary of the app with all the necessary info and links that a user can read at a glance: icon, screenshot, description, website, links to further info/tutorials/tips, maybe even a developer. --Jucato
It would be really cool if we could use expanding sections - simple page, with sections expanding on demand. I wonder if that is possible? --annew 16:13, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

To bring this into line with other applications I've written and introduction, then moved the whole of the original content to Tutorials (linked, of course). --annew 12:33, 9 November 2008 (UTC)

This change created problems for the translated pages: The language template for the tutorial page still links translated pages to this page. As a consequence, only one of these pages can be translated, and that translation is shown both as introductory page and as tutorial.
Currently there are danish and russian translations of the introduction and german, frensh and polish translations of the tutorial. I have corrected the language template on the tutorial page and copied the contents of of the german, frensh and polish pages there. I haven't deleted these translations from this page, so now there are two identical copies of them. Maby someone could look into this?

--Claus chr 2 August 2009

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