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Is it possible to run Konqueror shortcuts from here, as in "gg:some search terms" or "https://www.somesecureserver.org/" ?

It is indeed. Try them - both work. I'll add that to the tutorial. I wonder how many other goodies you can discover? --annew 17:55, 26 September 2008 (UTC)


Some ideas for future features:

  • I want it to be as quick as possible; animations should be possible to turn off
  • KRunner should learn which selections you use the most (see Quicksilver on the Mac), so if I type "em" and select "emacs", the prefix "em" and the selection "emacs" should both get an increased score in the sorting, and thus be higher in the list next time
  • Ability to change the internal keyboard shortcuts, I want TAB to do bash-like TAB-completion, not select the wrong entry (and C-n / C-p to move between search hits)

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