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It would be helpful to have some detail about the mount workarounds - fstab examples and/or hal edits --annew 19:33, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Autohide should be updated. 4.2 is released and we can now autohide panels.

I changed the formatting several places: Most web addresses are now hidden, and the two command lines have been indented to make them stand out.

I also modified the text a few places:

  • Auto-hide Panels: added a note on how to do it i 4.3
  • Obtain network access behind Fritzbox routers: The bug is reported as fixed - the text now reflects this.
  • Show the application name instead of the description in the K - menu: Text now has a short mention of the Kickoff Menu Style and how to change to Classic Style.

I am unsure about the bluetooth section. Is it still correct?

--Claus chr 27 September 2009

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