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Isnt the KDE SC a depracated term?111:33, 10 May 2015
Markup lost218:50, 29 June 2010
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Isnt the KDE SC a depracated term?

Doesnt it hold that from 4.12 there is no KDE SC but three independent releases: 1) Software 2) Plasma 3) Frameworks?

So if thats true i think the sentence: " Every six months a new, updated version of a huge number of applications is released - and that's known as the Software Compilation (SC). Some other applications don't update at the same time, but release new versions independently." should be changed.

I think the community page About KDE 's paragraph What does KDE produce?" reflects better thats change and i propose to be copied here.

03:56, 10 May 2015

Nice catch - and you are absolutely right. I have updated the text a little. Does that sound ok to you? I am reluctant to replace the whole page if the issues can be solved by minor edits out of consideration for our translators and non-english speaking users.

Feel free to report more errors and outdated info as you come cross them, there are bound to be lots of them since most of this wiki has been written way before Frameworks 5/Plasma 5. You can also correct or supplement pages yourself if you wish - this is a wiki after all :-)

11:33, 10 May 2015

Markup lost

The translation markup for the info box seems to have been lost somehow. I guess it should have been something like

< /translate>{{Info|< translate>< !--T:26--> Curious about [ Free Software]? Read more about it on the Free Software Foundation's [ website].< /translate>}}

The markup must have been in place at some point, because the translation system has a unit 26 with the indicated content.

07:26, 29 June 2010

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It is fine now. Thanks.

18:50, 29 June 2010

third image

I made chinese kde brand map, the third image should be independent just like first image for translater to edit.

Qiii200601:46, 29 June 2010

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