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Before you Start

First Things First

  • You must be a registered user to contribute. The Quick Start page tells you how to register and log in.
  • Be aware that your contribution will be governed by the licenses Gnu Free Document Licence and Creative Commons. Click on the images in the Navigation Panel to read the details.
  • Use the Talk page to communicate with other contributors or get help.



Dialog-ok32.png For New Users - helping to get started
Dialog-ok32.png For Regular Users - learning about changes
Dialog-ok32.png For Advanced Users - but use sub-pages for this.
Edit-delete.png For Developers - Techbase is the place for that

Ways to Contribute

  • Update an image, replacing an outdated image with a newer one.
  • Modify existing content, fix a spelling, clarify a description, add more details.
  • Create a new page, showcase an application, introduce a new concept.
  • Write a manual. You need to know an application quite well, and probably to be in contact with the author. We can help you.
  • Preparing a page for translation needs more patience than skill. If you can spare short periods of time, frequently, this is a very helpful task.
  • Translate a page. You need to be fluent in a language, but not a professional translator to translate a wiki page. Translating manuals is the skill of a special team.

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