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Special prevnext template to create links to neigbouring pages + index page.
The template uses Special:myLanguage/Plan/Manual as a fixed prefix to ease usage and tranlations.

This template is only usable by Plan as the link to the base page is hadcoded.


All arguments are optional, but if indextext is not given it will use the current page name as the index text.

| indextext = The link name for index.
| prevpage = The name of the previous page.
| prevtext = The link name for prevpage.
| nextpage = The name to the next page.
| nexttext = The link name for nextpage.


Link to content page:
| indextext=Content

Link to content page and next page:
| indextext=Content
| nextpage=Next Page | nexttext=Next page name

Link to content, next page and previous page:
| indextext=Content
| prevpage=Previous Page | nextpage=Next Page
| prevtext=Previous page name | nexttext=Next page name

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