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Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar

This template is a work-in-progress and will probably be re-named to something less obtuse quite soon, so avoid using it just at the moment.

Use this template when you want to provide links to the previous and the next sections of the article so the user isn't forced to go back to the index to navigate.

How to use this template


which will be returned as,

Optional arguments

The arguments in this template are optional. That is, if there is no previous page to link to, you don't have to include it in the template. You can just write this:

Which would be rendered as:

This works the other way around, too. This:

is rendered as:

Omitting link descriptions

Finally, the link description text doesn't have to be specified, either. The text will default to the name of the article you are linking to. So, the following syntax,

will render as:

This might be useful in some situations. But often it looks ugly, so try to specify link text whenever you can!

Extra options

There are two more completely optional arguments for this template. These replace the text in the middle of the template with a link to wherever you like (most usually the index of the article). To use them, write this:

which will be rendered as:

You don't need to use both of them. If you just want to specify the text in the middle without making it a link, simply omit the index argument completely:

Which will be rendered as:

Template source code


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