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Hi annew,

My original intention was to have a complete list of all applications and widgets that depend on akonadi. As you might have noticed, the application list is somewhat oddly formatted (I copied the markup straight from one of the application lists here) and incomplete (I can think of knode — which I don't use — and other applications that might be using akonadi already). I planned on expanding it and the translate tags got to it before me (story for another day) and now, the markup's pretty much unreadable and I decided to come back to it later.

With a complete list of applications and official widgets that use akonadi on this page, we could then leave the warning in its current state...

I am on irc (same name) on my desktop and usually have konversation running in my systray. I can be found on #kde when I'm online. It might be a better thing to discuss over a mailing list. What's the proper mailing list for discussing userbase-related issues? Would it be kde-www or kde-doc-english or some other?

07:03, 16 August 2011

Just looked again at the page layout, and actually I quite like it. I think it clearly shows the application name together with how it uses Akonadi, which makes it very clear, in my opinion. I don't know how to get a full list of apps using Akonadi, and even more important, I don't know how to maintain it - is there some resource where we can find this info?

Don't worry about the markup issue - we can help with that if needed. I see that it is using the recently added template to get the clickable links and I think the result is good.

You will usually find me, Claus_chr and neverendingo on #kde-www - and pipesmoker, though not around quite as much, also is able to help. That's probably better than using the mailing list, although the list kde-www would also find us,

09:10, 16 August 2011