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Hi, This page: suggests that application specific troubleshooting should go on the application page. I had this problem already twice so I though it might be useful for others. I'm new to this wiki - would it make sense to have a specific Troubleshooting section?

Problem: Dolphin's menu entries 'View - Additional' and/or 'View - Panels' are empty although nepomuk is enabled in System Settings.

Solution: Rename the folder '~/.kde4/share/apps/dolphin' and restart dolphin. This will purge your dolphin customizations but the entries should be back. This happened to me after an upgrade from KDE 4.4 to 4.5

22:05, 27 September 2010

Hi Dinsdale. Yes, when something is likely to be experienced by others it's good to share your knowledge. Please add a Hints and Tips section underneath the Tutorials section, and put your entry there. Thanks

08:11, 28 September 2010