KFind is also integrated into Konqueror and Dolphin as Find File in the Tools menu ?

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Please read what I actually wrote!

Words such as "dysfunctional" will to many readers imply a depreciative value judgment, which is why I said, that they may come across as argumentative, and that to some Firef may create an impression of "spamming" the wiki. Words matter!

I was trying to engage in a conversation to help Firef but in the mean time someone else reacted just as I had thought might happen. I have checked the blocking action - is is only temporary, set to expire tomorrow, a short "cooling off" period. I hope is hasn't heated up things.

I am reverting the block so that Firef can edit again as of now.

Please keep in mind, that UserBase is an informative site. We provide information for users about how our software works. It is not an appropriate place for debate. The KDE community have other places for that, such as the forums and mailing lists.

Claus chr (talk)05:08, 28 September 2017