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I would still argue that the information belongs on this page as well, at least a mention and link to further information.

  • Contributors who edit pages will encounter them.
  • There will be people confused about how to handle them (this happened during the Plasma doc writing, for example).
  • As you said these people aren't necessarily interested in preparing pages for translation. They shouldn't have to read that page to find out if then can delete <!--T:n--> or not, or how to move a bulk of text.

I would say that this is even more relevant on this page than on preparing for translation page for the reasons above.

By the way (not directly related to the issue above), I couldn't find the <!--T:n--> tags being mentioned in Edit Markup.

18:24, 22 September 2010

There is already, in the Warning box, a link to EditMarkup and the Typographical_Guidelines. The purpose of that warning is that anyone editing text as described should not be touching the tags at all. I will think about whether it is appropriate to write more about the tags, but it will not be on this page. It is entirely inappropriate to the task.

I have changed the warning slightly.

09:52, 23 September 2010