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Hi Claus, Thanks for having answered. I would avoid multiplicity of categories. When one translates, it moves generally all categories from the EN page to the translated page (that is the local one) which at this second level becomes a nonsense (i have seen cases 'this category is only for the main/EN page' and I was attempting to recopy it on the FR page!).
If you know -thanks to your experience- that a page is obviously not good, i would rather recommend you to write a warning/comment at the top of the main/EN pages saying something like "Do not translate yet ! this page is too old and needs to be reactualized before being valid for translation." without requiring translation. Thus the process is locked at the level of the EN page. And when I check the FR pages to be translated, I dont see in the statistics this page which is still waiting for validation, because I am aligned with the old version. For translators it is better i think. No ?

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