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The how-to pages linked from Tasks and Tools set out the basic markup for most cases. However, there are a number of situations where the preferred markup is not clear. Before I can clarify those cases I need guidance from the translators. We can add examples to this thread until we are sufficiently clear to update the how-to pages. The first example I'd like you to consider is this section:

<example 1> Konqueror is primarily a web interface, but it can also function as a traditional file manager. If this is your preference, in System Settings, go to the Advanced tab and click on File Associations. In the list of Known Types, go to the inode/directory type. In the General tab at the right side of the window, select Konqueror in the Application Preference Order and click on the Up button until it is at the top. Click on Apply to save the changes. </example>

Please indicate how you would like this to be marked. If we can look at a few such cases we should be able to formulate useful guidance.

    19:29, 30 September 2010