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Can you give some IRS on the following statements?

  1. "The syntax item - description is both visually and formally broken."
  2. "it should be easier, not harder, to transform itemizations to DocBook, because they have more internal structure." (please add an example of Python code to transform "; - :" tuple)

It would be also good if you promise to chack every page for using "the format for marking up itemizations".

Thanks in advance.

18:36, 8 April 2011

It is visually broken because the hyphen should be used to join words, not to separate clauses. It is formally broken because it fixes a rendering of the formal structure instead of entering the structure itself. To transform a definition in the wiki, render the text to XHTML as if for the client and then use an XML transformation to convert it to DocBook. The transformation will deal with dt and dd, not with ; and :. Assuming that you do not expect me to write the whole thing from scratch, just show me what you already have and I shall add the missing part.

16:22, 19 August 2012