There is a list of current categories and a set of pages where agreed translation of those categories can be found, linked from Translation_Help_Needed

As a general principle:

  • The UserBase page for the application should have its traditional category (manual writers can add the application category if they wish).
  • Tutorials, FAQ's etc should also have the traditional categories (again, the application category can be added).
  • Pages that are part of the manual should only have the application category.
  • The application category may also be used for any application that has many subpages.

New categories should only be considered if no existing one can be applied. If a new category is essential it must be added to all the translation tables listed on Translation_Help_Needed. Application-name categories may be omitted from those tables, as they will only be translated for non-latin alphabet languages. The translator is expected to know the official glyphs for the name translation.

19:19, 30 September 2010