I add zh-tw zh-cn to assistant languages option, so when I open enhanced translation editor, the editor has two kinds of translation suggestions, the first one come from zh-tw page (Traditional Chinese) if the zh-tw page's translation is completed, the other come from Google Translation (Simplified Chinese).

I hope the suggestion which come from zh-tw page can be converted to Simplified Chinese via Google Translation service and vice versa. It will save my time in dealing with two kinds of Chinese.

zh-cn == Chinese(China) == Simplified Chinese, I hope the suggestions from zh-tw page is converted to Traditional Chinese

zh-tw == Chinese(Taiwan) == Traditional Chinese, I hope the suggestions from zh-cn page is converted to Simplified Chinese

Is it possible?

14:09, 13 October 2010

It is possible to do many things to solve this problem. I currently don't have time to implement them though. Some bright guy might be able to make a JavaScript gadget that does that.

18:35, 27 October 2010