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Hello again :-) In case you haven't picked it up from other places, the old language bar template is no longer to be used in new pages. Where it exists in old pages we are leaving it until we know for sure that all the translations already done are migrated to the new translation system. We have more guidance pages now than we had when we did the klassroom - you may be interested in them, so start at Tasks_and_Tools.

Your work on the plasmoid was perfectly timed to match in with Aseigo's plasmoid work - sweet :-)

    18:50, 14 August 2010

    What should I do, then about a language template? I had not seen mention of the issue, sorry.

    I'm going to slowly, gradually, intermittently work my way through the plasmoids that intrigue me and then look at the others.

    Should I be referring to them as plasmoids (with a capital letter?) or widgets as they are listed in the category?

    Again, I am working from the perspective of a user, not an insider, but I do want to be consistent with the proper terminology.

      17:11, 19 August 2010

      You don't need to do anything about l10n issues, it gets done automatically. Or rather, after you finished one article, some translation tags need to be added to it, to make it translatable.

      Just ping us once done (you can also do that on #kde-www on freenode), and we can do it.

      If the category already referres to them as widgets then you should use that term to keep consistency. And AFAIK plasmoid is the more technical term.

        18:48, 19 August 2010