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Hi Carl

I really like the new look - nice and crisp.

We shall need to go through our templates and see which needs updating - I noticed, that the PrevNext2 template that produces a triple of links to the previous, then next and the index page in the Amarok manual (among others) now creates a list of these three links. See fx this page at the bottom.

I also notices a small glitch in the translation tool. On a page of translatable messages, sometimes the Edit link does not appear flush right and the text of the link is trunkated. See fx this page EDIT: The link doesn't work. To see the example, change language to danish, go to LanguageStats and click Akregator in the list.

Apart from the visual update, are you also updating the wiki software? Our installation is quite outdated by now.

I could not log in to the sandbox wiki using my usual login name, so I created a new one, Claus.

Thanks for all your work. Let me know it there is anything I can do.

Cheers, Claus

09:13, 7 July 2019

Thanks for the feedback, I will go and fix over all the issues and try to fix them. I'm also updating to the latest LTS Wikipedia version 1.31. I also made your account administrator. Cheers, Carl

11:50, 7 July 2019