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I am excited to hear that we are getting an update of the wiki software. We have some long standing problems that we have not been able to do anything about because of our dated installation.

I came across another formatting glitch just now: In tables with a column of heading cells, the horizontal line between cells is missing (see the Jargon File for an example). Also background of heading cells is no longer shaded (I guess this is less of a problem).

10:06, 8 July 2019

Thanks, do you know if there is some document/page listing all the issues? I can confirm that this solves some issues I encountered (new image are not displayed because the old one is still cached and Stats didn't work), but if you know of others technical issues, that I didn't know about, I'm interested ;).

I also fixed the tables glitch ;)

11:56, 8 July 2019

Nice work about the Stats - that was one of the issues on my list.

At some point the specialised searching templates (see User:Claus chr/Search and User:Claus chr/DPL) stopped working - they have been tweeked to work again, but the DPL extension that we use is very old and has been superseeded by DynamicPageLoad 3 (which requires a newer version of the wiki software).

The WhatLinksHere tool in the right margin does not work reliably.

Perhaps my biggest issue is with the translate extension. Sometimes pages that needs updating fails to show in the Special:LanguageStats page. There are other glitches in the translate system, but hopefully they will all be resolved when that extension is updated.



09:27, 9 July 2019