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I would like to start translating for the Kubuntu Userbase department.

For now, at least. How do I get started? I think I need an account with the privileges and then everything goes by itself.

I am just wondering now though ... at this point.. whether subpages would need translation first, prior to the initial index for that site ( It also appears as though you are Dutch :p.

Regards, Bart (Xen).

11:14, 2 April 2015

Hi Bart,

Yes, you need translators priviliges. I'll be happy to grant you those priviliges, but I need you to add your name and a few other details on this page: Translator_Account.

Translation is easy once you have the required rights: just click on the link above the languages box; that takes you to the translation page. You can translate any content (once it has been marked up for translation) in any order you wish. And when you are done with the Kubuntu stuff, you might enjoy translating some of the KDE stuff :-).

You can find more info on translation work here: Translate_a_Page

Btw. if I appear to be Dutch it is probably because the translation software has confused some of my admin work for proper translations. I am in fact Danish.

Regards, Claus

11:52, 4 April 2015