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I think that the mention of "don't use Kwallet" in this article is confusing. Could someone clarify it or delete it if necessary. Kwallet saves your remote host login password by default. Using kwallet saves you from having to enter that password every time.

    03:10, 3 November 2017

    Hi Geoffrey

    Which page are you referring to? It is usually better to create threads like this on the Talk: page associated with the page in question - that way there is a much better chance that someone will notice it.

      06:14, 3 November 2017

      My apologies; this is my first talk. I clicked on the discussion tab for [KDRC] but I couldn't see how to add to it. I'll need to learn how this works. Can you point me in the right direction.

        07:03, 3 November 2017

        Hi Geoffrey

        No problem. It seems that this particular page is a bit of mess. Towards the end of the page there is a link titled Begin a New Thread (or something like that - I see a translated version of that link). The link is not as obvious as it should have been - some old text is overlaying it; it still works, though. Hope this helps.

        As to your original point. I think the point is that a new password is generated each time which means that there is little point in saving old passwords in KWallet. (I don't know if it still works this way; I have never used KRDC). Can you check whether this is still the way it works?

        The KRDC page is quite old. If you find anything that is no longer correct, needs clarification or is missing feel free to edit the page. And don't hesitate to ask if you run into problems.

          09:22, 4 November 2017

          Thanks Claus. I found the hidden link. I take it this is not an Easter Egg. I'll clean up a few things on the page.

          I'm a newbie; I just started on Kubuntu in August. It's been a slow learning curve for me. Having some good documentation is useful. I think it is the newbies like me who can do the most good in identifying and updating docs. We're the ones who try to use it and discover the out-of-date things. I'm grateful to the people who have built up KDE and so am willing to do some work. Some encouraging words help. Thanks again.

            13:01, 4 November 2017