Thanks Claus. I found the hidden link. I take it this is not an Easter Egg. I'll clean up a few things on the page.

I'm a newbie; I just started on Kubuntu in August. It's been a slow learning curve for me. Having some good documentation is useful. I think it is the newbies like me who can do the most good in identifying and updating docs. We're the ones who try to use it and discover the out-of-date things. I'm grateful to the people who have built up KDE and so am willing to do some work. Some encouraging words help. Thanks again.

13:01, 4 November 2017

Hi Geoffrey

I agree completely; we need contributions from new users like yourself. I hope you found the experience agreeable and that you would like to continue contributing. If you come across pages that are outdated or unclear go ahead and improve things, or if you come across an app that haven't been documented at all you can add new pages. I'll be happy to help when needed.

08:39, 5 November 2017