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Hi Pfollas

I noticed that the first two pages of the new KDevelop5 manual was almost identical to the equivalent KDevelop4 pages. I assume, that many more KDevelop4 pages can be copied into the new manual and just modified a bit. For the first two pages I copied all the translated units to the new pages, but this is a somewhat tedious task, so I wonder if it would be possible to do this smarter.

It should be possible to clone a page including all translations by a single command (we have never tried it, so I would have to do a bit of experimentation to be sure). The idea is that you would clone a page with all the existing translations, modify whatever needs to be changed; and then when the new page is marked for translation, only the modified sections would be flagged for translation.

Does that sound acceptable to you? If so I could try to clone the next page you are going to work on.

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