Working with GMail

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A good start on the markup. I've added an "Introduction" heading - the third heading makes the Table of Content generate and become visible. If you get a page that will not support three major headings but you want one anyway, use __TOC__ to force it.

The other thing that I've done in the early part of the page is to add <menuchoice></menuchoice> pairs. As a guide, anything that the user has to actually choose, even if it's not strictly from a menu, we mark with these. The other special tag you will need, towards the end of the incoming mail section, is <keycap></keycap> - where actual key presses are designated.

Normally, where the user has to input information, we use the Input template {{Input|1=some text here}} but since the actual text to be input is short, we cheat and use <code></code> which uses the same colouring but not full lines. The other thing, for the sake of translators, is to try always to phrase such sentences so the the actual input is at the end of the sentence. For some languages that is very important.

I'm concerned that you are now on your final day, and you still have quite a lot to do, in terms of adding your screenshots. Realistically, how much extra time is needed? I think we can only give one extension, so we need to get this right.

    11:31, 30 December 2011