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From time to time I've seen you remove span tags (sometimes other people, too). I asked Claus_chr to explain the tags, as I only vaguely understood them. This is what he said:

The reason for adding span tags is the following: Without them, klicking a link of the form Whatever on a translated page takes the user to the top of "Somepage/da" (assuming the user is Danish) rather than to the desired paragraph. The reason seems to be that the link is treated as SomePage/da#Paragraph, but on the translated page there is no paragraph named "Paragraph" - the name has been translated.

Without the span tags, each translator needs to translate the subpage part of the link to whatever the section title was translated to - this is particularly difficult, if that page haven't actually been translated yet :-)

Adding span tags also have great advantages to writers of original pages, as it makes this kind of link maintainable: Without them, if a writer wants to modify a section title, he should also search the whole UserBase for any possible subpage links to that title and modify them acordingly (and then translators needs to modify the corresponding translations) - more likely, however, he will forget and thus break all links to that section. Having span tags also means, that if we need to make larger changes to a page, we will at least be alerted to potential problems with pages linking to it, so that we can take appropriate actions.

As you can imagine I feel very strongly, that adding span tags is a Good Thing(TM), and that there would need to very good reasons indeed to remove them (I can't imagine what those reasons could be).

Hope that helps.

    17:46, 19 April 2011