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1 从 Effects 选项卡 寻找需要的效果,用鼠标将其拉到时间线上的剪辑上
2 选中时间线上的剪辑,从菜单栏的Timeline—>Add Effect 选择相应的特效

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You add effects to clips by choosing them from the '''Effects Tab''' and dragging them onto a clip in the timeline. Or by selecting a clip in the timeline and choosing <menuchoice>Add Effect</menuchoice> from the [[Special:MyLanguage/Kdenlive/Manual/Timeline Menu|Timeline menu]] or <menuchoice>Add Effect</menuchoice> from Clip in Timeline [[Special:MyLanguage/Kdenlive/Manual/Timeline/Right_Click_Menu|right click]] menu . For more detail see [[Special:MyLanguage/Kdenlive/Manual/QuickStart#Effects|QuickStart - Effects]]


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