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  • Start Krdc (Kickoff button -> Applications -> Internet -> Krdc)
  • Type in the address of the host computer (VNC protocol) (Please use the address sent from the host. These are just examples.)
    • Krfb(KDE3)-- (identify the screen number after the colon)
    • Krbf(KDE4)-- (identify the port after the colon)
    • Gnome (TigerVNC)-- (the port number is assumed)
  • Type the password that the host requires
  • Adjust the screen to better fit (Session -> Scale remote screen...)
  • When your mouse is within the window limits from the host, you can control the remote computer if that ability was set at the host (recommended).
  • The guest screen (running Krdc) will show the pointer of the host if you select Session -> Show local cursor, otherwise, the only evidence of the position of the host mouse pointer (as shown on the guest screen) is the hover effects.

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