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  • If you have an active firewall running on the "host" machine, you will need to open port 5900. If a firewall is blocking port 5900, the process of sharing at the host end will appear to work fine, but the guest will get a message saying the server wasn't found. It is difficult to determine whether the connection failed because of a mistyped address or a firewall. It may make sense to plan ahead and have your first sharing session with the tech in the same room with you. You and she can work through any difficulties about the connection and then do help sessions remotely after that.
  • If you close the Krfb window, it does NOT stop the program. To quit Krfb, right click the program's icon in the system tray and choose the option to quit.
  • Turning off your host computer does NOT stop Krfb. It will pop up at the next restart. You must quit through the system tray icon.
  • Though it is possible to use Krfb/Krdc across the Internet, cable modem/routers at the host "end" must be set to forward port 5900 and there are similar issues trying to cross corporate firewalls.
  • About information (version, etc.) is found by right clicking the system tray Krfb icon.
  • 'If the guest user clicks the Print Screen key, the screen capture tool Ksnapshot will launch on both guest and host.
  • The VNC protocol does NOT enable file sharing between guest and host. You will need to transfer files saved on either computer by some other method.

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