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|Potatofamily||Simplified Chinese||zh-hant|| ||Yes||20101231
|Potatofamily||Simplified Chinese||zh-hant|| ||Yes||20101231
|Periliocastrol||Spanish||es || ||No||
|Periliocastrol||Spanish||es || ||No||20100320

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User Name Language Lang.Code Comment Off-line? Date added
Claus_Chr Danish da No 20100601
Yurchor Ukranian uk No 20100601
Qiii2006 Chinese and Taiwan zh-cn, zh-tw No 20100601
Caig Italian it No 20100601
Hans Swedish sv No 20100601
Neverendingo German de No 20100601
Pipesmoker German de No 20100713
Bathariq Bahasa Indonesia id Yes 20100714
Galileopy Spanish es No 20100716
Yinghua_Wang Chinese zh-cn Yes 20100724
Archdron Russian ru Yes 20100724
Cbrown1023 Spanish es Wikimedia Foundation No 20100804
Sfiet_Konstantin French fr No 20100804
Loquehumaine French fr No 20100804
Bolo German de No 20100804
Paulms Spanish es No 20100808
RRH Polish pl Maybe 20100808
Bluesnik German de No 20100808
A86 Portuguese pt Yes 20100810
Jackgu1988 Greek el Yes 20100810
Castarco Spanish, Catalan es, ca Yes 20100810
Jmairboeck German de No 20100813
Mrybczyn Polish pl Yes 20100814
Micm German de Yes 20100814
Ford.prefect German de No 20100818
tomoyat1 Japanese ja No 20100818
Evenorbert Hungarian hu No 20100822
Alejandro Nova Spanish es No 20100822
Keripix Bahasa Indonesia id Yes 20100822
Gazeb Rusyn rue No 20100822
Horrendus German de No 20100823
Mischi German, Danish de, da Yes 20100823
Purodha German, Colognian, Low German de, ksh, nds Maybe 20100824
André_Marcelo_Alvarenga Brazlian Portuguese pt-br Yes 20100824
Emuede German de No 20100829
Shingo Polish pl No 20100829
Jfalco Spanish es Yes 20100831
Raffamaiden Italian it Yes 20100903
Fêla Brazilian Portuguese pt Yes 20100910
Edumardo Spanish es No 20100913
Plcl Spanish es No 20100914
Yecril71pl Polish pl Yes 20100914
Anthos Spanish es No 20100915
Bulldog98 German de No 20100916
Damian pereira Spanish es No 20100918
Lkjoel French fr No 20100918
VaterGarp German de Yes 20100919
Jan Šimek Czech cz Yes 20100925
Gauv20 French fr No 20100927
Phanect Japanese ja No 20100927
GregKoval Polish pl No 20100927
Zizzfizzix Polish pl Yes 20100929
MarcusGama Brazilian Portuguese pt-br Yes 20101008
Beide Dutch nl No 20101014
Xav French fr No 20101015
Goleon Italian it KPlato Yes 20101016
Smihael Slovenian sl Maybe 20101016
Adept Russian ru No 20101017
Kaiww German, French, Spanish de, fr, es No 20101022
nib952051 Russian ru Yes 20101023
Wind-rider Dutch nl No 20101024
Felix German de Kontact-Touch No 20101029
Zerng07 Chinese(Taiwan)) zh-tw Yes 20101103
Loker Turkish tr No 20101103
Aspotashev Russian ru No 20101108
Vitorboschi Brazilian Portuguese pt-br No 20101109
Masahiroyam Japanese ja No 20101117
Smls German de No 20101120
IulianB Romanian ro No 20101124
GabrielYYZ Spanish es No 20101129
MirzaD Bosnian bs No 20101227
Izz Dutch nl No 20101229
Hellnest Indonesian, Korean id, ko Yes 20101229
Yamakuzure German de Both 20101230
Eseifert German de No 20101230
Della_doll Romanian ro Maybe 20101230
Aergus Turkish, German tr, de Yes 20101231
Potatofamily Simplified Chinese zh-hant Yes 20101231
Periliocastrol Spanish es No 20100320

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