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Translator Account/2015

Translator Account 2015

User Name Language Lang.Code Comment Off-line? Date added
Haru Japanese ja Yes 20150103
Fylax Italian it Yes 20150111
Annukka Finnish nl Yes 20150130
Ehm Korean ko No 20150203
ochurlaud French fr No 20150211
CheeryLee Russian ru No 20150213
Francois_C French, Latin fr, la No 20150215
Cyrillebieuzent French, Esperanto fr, eo Yes 20150218
Seba313 Polish pl No 20150227
Desigrammer Japanese jp No 20150302
JohnnyST Russian ru No 20150317
Mario French fr No 20150330
Xennex82 Dutch nl No 20150404
Csred Spanish es No 20150404
arturf Polish pl No 20150404
Ovidiu-Florin Romanian ro No 20150409
Black bycel Russian Belarusian ru Yes 20150409
Sr. Nax Spanish es No 20150410
Seba 313 Polish pl No 20150426
valtermura Italian it Yes 20150504
sauler Polish pl No 20150527
lifei Chinese (China) zh_CN Yes 20150721
Emerling Spanish es no 20150812
Edikovna Russian ru Yes 20150815
Odiseo Spanish es Yes 20150904
Gregor German de No 20150914
S8321414 Traditional Chinese zh-tw No 20150921
Krugozor Russian ru No 20150929
Eilyin Russian, Ukrainian ru, uk No 20151016
Yamada Japanese ja No 20151228

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