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Translator Account/2018

Translator Account 2018

User Name Language Lang.Code Comment Off-line? Date added
ChristianW French fr No 20180130
ChernousovAnton Russian ru No 20180213
Eiden Ukrainian uk No 20180310
JulienM French fr No (currently) 20170902
Dadu042 French fr No 20180401
adominguez Spanish es No 20180501
tysontan Chinese (all variants), Japanese zh-CN, zh-TW, zh-HK, ja No 20180527
SimonDepiets French fr Yes 20180604
Dimpurrc Chinese (China) zh-CN Yes 20180612
Grafi Japanese ja yes 20180711
Ognarb French, German fr, de No 20180723
Malsasa Indonesian id No 20180923
GillesP French fr No 20180928
Mfzini Spanish es No 20181008
Jlaine Finnish fi No 20181030
Funeoz French fr No 20181130
Lankys Brazilian portuguese pt-BR No 20181221

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