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General System and Getting Started


The Jargon File explains some of the words that you may be unfamiliar with.

Applications-other.png From KDE3 to KDE4
Trans.png creating keyboard shortcuts
Trans.png How to install KDE software
Configure.png Modify your system defaults
Utilities-terminal.png Open a console
Trans.png Access another computer's display
Trans.png Some KDE SC 4 tips you should know - an openSUSE page full of useful tips
Trans.png How to customize your KDE desktop with

Change the color of the blue folder icon

Trans.png Some common tasks explained
Trans.png Entering "special characters" - characters that are not on your normal keyboard
Trans.png Mouse pointer settings for large displays
Trans.png Using a single database for KDE programs
Plasma.png How to Install KDE neon
Plasma.png A brief description of KDE


Trans.png How to configure panels in KDE SC 4.1.2 (Link to kde forum entry) Equally applicable to later versions.
Plasma.png Tweaking Plasma
Learn how to create a look and feel package
Trans.png Using with small screens (eg. Netbooks) Discusses several issues where screen space is at a premium
Trans.png Kimpanel Build a plasmoid for controlling input methods
Trans.png Color Management Enabling color management
Trans.png Keyboard actions Configuring keyboard actions

File Management

System-file-manager.png Discover Dolphin
Move.png File System Navigation
CompressIcon.png Archive Management in Dolphin
System-switch-user.png Transfer files from and to a server using ftp, sftp, webdav and the like
Document-new.png Adding an entry to the Create New menu of file browsers


Kontact.png How to send SMS using Kontact
Knode.png Reading and writing to mailing lists with KNode
Kjots.png Import old KNowIt files into KJots
Kjots.png Recover deleted KJots books
KorganizerIcon.png How to blog from KOrganizer
Pre 10.png How to sync your Palm Pre with Kontact and Google Calendar
KorganizerIcon.png How to synchronize Google contacts and calendar with KAddressbook and KOrganizer
Kontact.png How to use with Kontact


KrunnerIcon.png KRunner is an amazingly useful utility, launched either by Alt + F2, or by a right-click on the desktop, and selecting 'Run Command'. Now learn some of its uses
Trans.png Using KRunner as a calculator
Trans.png Using KRunner as an application launcher
Trans.png Running BASH commands in KRunner
Trans.png Navigating through options
Trans.png Using the Unit conversion plugin


Kword.png Basic Layout is a tutorial that creates a leaflet with various images and explaining text using KWord's frames technology. Several text frames and image frames will be created and positioned on the page.
Kword.png A Second Layout experiments with placing, grouping and moving images within a text area.
Kword.png A third Layout builds a page for a photo album.
Applications-office.png Using the Artistic Text Shape is a tutorial that shows how to get started with the artistic text shape that all KOffice applications provide.
Kword.png KWord Manual Tutorial on basic concepts of working in a frame-based environment, and detailed guides for all your WP needs.

Mail Systems

View-pim-mail.png Spam filtering with KMail

Web Browsers

Applications-internet.png Make Opera look like a KDE SC 4 application
Trans.png Mousegestures for all Browsers


Hi48-app-kmid2.png MIDI in Linux
K3b.png Burn an Audio Cd with K3b


Logo-showfoto.png Photo Tutorial 1-1: Levels adjust
Logo-showfoto.png Photo Tutorial 1-2: Curves adjust
Logo-showfoto.png Photo Tutorial 1-3: White balance
Logo-showfoto.png Photo Tutorial 1-4: Brightness/Contrast/Gamma + Hue/Saturation/Lightness
link=[Special:myLanguage/Showfoto/Perspective Photo KDE Tutorial 1-5: Perspective Adjustment
Digikam-logo.png Correct Lens Distortion with digiKam
Digikam-logo.png Improve Photos with digiKam’s Local Contrast Tool
link=[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Exposure_Blending Exposure Blending with digiKam
Digikam-logo.png Renaming Photos with digiKam
Digikam-logo.png Watermark Photos with digiKam
Digikam-logo.png Load thumbnails faster with digiKam

We now have a host of additional tutorials that will improve your productivity in digiKam or showFoto. They are listed on the Photography category page. The digiKam Tutorials page gives brief descriptions of them. Enjoy the power!


Klipper.png How to search in phone books using Klipper


Marble.png Installing Marble on a Nokia N900
Marble.png Setting up Offline Routing on a Nokia N900
Marble.png Route Planning and Guidance Mode on a Nokia N900
Marble.png GPS Tracking
Marble.png Map Theme Configuration
Marble.png Using Bookmarks
Marble.png Searching Places


Trans.png How to create and build a simple kdevelop4 project
Trans.png How to get php documentation up to date in Quanta

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