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Check out the list of KDE Websites for other articles, tips, and tutorials from online magazines, articles, and writers all over the world.

General System

Applications-other.png   KDE3 Features missing in KDE4 and work-arounds
White32.png White32.png Modify KDE defaults
White32.png White32.png Access another computer's display


White32.png White32.png How to configure panels in KDE 4.1.2 (Link to kde forum entry)
White32.png White32.png Desktop effects in KWin
White32.png White32.png Using with small screens (eg. Netbooks) Discusses several issues where screen space is at a premium

File Management

System-file-manager.png   Discover Dolphin
Move.png   File System Navigation
CompressIcon.png   Archive Management in Dolphin

In Kontact

Kontact.png   How to send SMS using Kontact?
Knode.png   Reading and writing to mailing lists with KNode


KorganizerIcon.png   How to blog from KOrganizer
Pre 10.png   How to sync your Palm Pre with Kontact and Google Calendar

In Krunner

KrunnerIcon.png   KRunner is an amazingly useful utility, launched either by Alt + F2, or by a right-click on the desktop, and selecting 'Run Command'. Now learn some of its uses
White32.png White32.png Using it as a calculator
White32.png White32.png Using it as an application launcher
White32.png White32.png Running BASH commands in Krunner
White32.png White32.png Navigating through options
White32.png White32.png Using the Unit conversion plugin

In KOffice

White32.png White32.png Basic Layout is a tutorial that creates a leaflet with various images and explaining text using KWords frames technology. Several text frames and image frames will be created and positioned on the page.
White32.png White32.png A Second Layout experiments with placing, grouping and moving images within a text area.
White32.png White32.png A Third Layout creates a photo album page to examine text run-around and text-flow.
White32.png White32.png Using the Artistic Text Shape is a tutorial that shows how to get started with the artistic text shape that all KOffice applications provide.
White32.png White32.png KWord Manual Tutorial on basic concepts of working in a frame-based environment, and detailed guides for all your WP needs.

In Mail Systems

Internet-mail.png   Using Spamassassin with a Mail Reader

In Web Browsers

Applications-internet.png   Make Opera look like a real KDE 4 app

In Multimedia

White32.png White32.png Photo KDE Tutorial 1-1: Levels adjust
White32.png White32.png Photo KDE Tutorial 1-4: Brightness/Contrast/Gamma + Hue/Saturation/Lightness


White32.png White32.png How to search in phone books using Klipper


White32.png White32.png How to create and build a simple kdevelop4 project

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