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Vejledning/Skift farven på det blå mappeikon

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Skift det ikon som vises for en mappe

Customizing the icon of a folder makes it easier to navigate through your filesystem, since you do not depend only on the name of the folder to identify it. In fact, it is usually easier to identify a file or folder by its icon than it is to identify it by its name. Dolphin makes it easy to customize the icon of any folder.

  • Right click the folder to change. Select Properties.
  • Click File Type Options
The File Properties dialog
  • In the General tab, click the folder icon
The File Type Options dialog
  • Next to System Icons, select Places from the drop down list. Custom icons may be used by clicking Other and browsing for the icon
Icon dialog
  • Select the desired icon
  • Now click OK to accept the change and set the icon.

You may need to logout and login again to see the changes take effect.

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