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Налаштування KDE 3


Now we can go on and configure our windowing environment. This description uses either Kcontrol or the Kubuntu configuration tool, which exposes the same option dialogue.

  • Start the System Settings or the KDE Control Center
  • Regional & Language (for System Settings) or Regional & Accessibility (for Control Centre) -> Keyboard Layout
  • Choose your keyboard layout
  • Modify the <menuchioce>Xkb Options</menuchioce> to select/enable the compose key

KDE SC 4.0-4.4 configuration


Now we can go on and configure our windowing environment (Plasma). This description uses the System Settings as they're available in the K-Menu of the Kubuntu install:

  • Start the System Settings
  • Regional & Language
  • Select the Keyboard Layout configuration
  • Under the Layout tab, select Enable keyboard layouts
  • Modify Advanced options to select/enable the compose key

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