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:::* Details can be found in ''Samba 3 by Example''....
:::* Details can be found in ''Samba 3 by Example''....
:::* KDE Manuals are in ''Docbook'' format.
:::* KDE Manuals are in ''Docbook'' format.
| ||'''Programs''' are launched by users, ''components'' are used by programs
==Combined Bold and Italic Text==
==Combined Bold and Italic Text==

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There are separate pages explaining Page Layout and syntax with example code.

Adhering to these typographic guidelines will ensure that your documentation can be accurately and easily exported for translation purposes.

Bold Text

Use bold text to highlight

  • Window titles
  • Common labels that are not user-configurable
  • Icon captions
  • Program names
Some examples:
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to launch a virtual terminal.
Note that "+" is used to link keys to be pressed concurrently.
  • Highlighting a selection of text will copy it to klipper.

Italic Text

Use italic text to emphasise

  • Words or phrases as in general writing.
  • Titles when referencing other works.
  • The first use of an unfamiliar word.
Some examples:
  • Save your work at this point.
  • Details can be found in Samba 3 by Example....
  • KDE Manuals are in Docbook format.
Help-hint.png Tip
Programs are launched by users, components are used by programs

Combined Bold and Italic Text

Use this combination for replaceable or variable text.

Some examples:
  • To connect to your remote server, type ssh username@domain.name in Konsole.
  • In rpm-based distributions, the command rpm -q packagename will result in package-version-release.

Mono-spaced Text

Code should be presented in mono-spaced text.

  • A single line of code will be correctly displayed if a space is inserted at the beginning of the line.
  • Blocks of code may use the <pre> markup style
Some Examples:
 A leading space creates mono-spaced text
  • This block of text uses <pre> markup. Use your Edit button to view it:
default <translate>[[Okular|Okular]]</translate>
desc none

Special Tags

  • <keycap> and </keycap> denote (keyboard) key names e.g. Enter
  • Sequences of menu choices should use <menuchoice> and </menuchoice> for example View -> Message List -> Aggregation -> Standard Mailing List
Note the use of "(space)->(space)" to denote the sequence of clicks.

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