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Available Tools


  • Find an image that needs to be updated
  • Click on the image and it should take you to the File page for that image (the first tab at the top should be File)
    • If clicking on the image doesn't work or takes you to another page, see Find the File Page
  • Under File history, click on Upload a new version of this file
  • Click on the Browse button (sometimes shown as an icon) to the right of the Source filename box
  • Browse to and select the new image on your computer and click on OK
  • Write a short summary of the changes in File changes box
  • Click on Upload file

Find the File Page

Sometimes an image links to a different place than the File page. In these cases you need to look for the File page name in the wiki text.

  • On the page with the image, click on the Edit icon or tab (depends on the theme chosen) at the top
  • Find the wiki markup for the image, it should look something like
[[File:Kde.png|link=Special:myLanguage/An introduction to KDE]]
  • Find the File page name in the beginning of the markup, i.e. the text between [[ and | (in the example above File:Kde.png)
  • Enter http://userbase.kde.org/File_page_name in the web browser's location bar, for example

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