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Atomopawn is Robert Marmorstein, an avid KDE user and occasional contributor. His biggest contributions have been to BasKet, a KDE note-taking application which plugs in to Kontact. He and his wife have also submitted a few themes for the htmlexport plugin for digiKam (and other kipi applications).


In "the real world", he teaches computer science at a small public university in central Virginia. It's a great job -- he has great students (some of whom are or are becoming KDE contributors) and has time during the summer to code. He is also heavily involved in his church (St. John's Lutheran church) and the chess team.


Atomopawn uses Archlinux and Gentoo. He likes the rolling-release model that they both use, which allows him to stay on the bleeding edge without rolling everything from scratch. He has been using Linux since 1997.


More information about atomopawn (and his classes) is available at his web site