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Claus, I need help. I'm asked about how to keep userbase page translations in sync with changes on the English pages. You are among the most prolific of translators, so would you mind sharing with us your methodology? How do you monitor changes? What tools do you use? Anything you can tell me would be very helpful. Thanks. --annew 15:50, 18 October 2009 (UTC)

Hi Anne. I haven't got much of a methodology. I try to remember allways to add both the original page and my translation to my watchlist as soon as I translate it. Most days I see if there are any new entries on my watchlist, and as soon as I see an edit on a page I have allready translated I bring the translation in sync with the original. It is definitly much easier to translate changes one at a time.
I have allways tried to keep the translations as close to the original as I can. Formatting is simply copied from the original, and text is usually translated sentence by sentence - this is not allways ideal, but it makes maintaining the translation much easier.
I realise that spending time on translation (even if it isn't much) every day may not be posssible for all translators. Perhaps it would be helpful, if the watchlist could show more than the last 7 days, and it might also be useful to be able to remove entries from ones watchlist once they are dealt with (I don't know if the wiki software makes this possible). I hope You can use some of this. --Claus chr 19 october 2009
Arranging that is beyond my capability, but I'll talk to tstaerk, to see whether he thinks it can be done.
Thanks for explaining how you manage translations.
Meanwhile, at the prompting of tsdgeos I've been looking at what can be done towards automation. sayakb, from the forum team, believes that much could be done to ease the burden. He's going to experiment with his ideas and will get back to us. --annew 08:13, 20 October 2009 (UTC)
Thanks, that sounds great. --Claus chr 21 October 2009

I have been in touch with the Kopete devs. They plan to completely update their website 'soon'. I propose that we do nothing more about Kopete until that happens, then we can start a complete re-write. The current info was taken from, and was out of date even when I imported it. I'll keep an eye out for the kopete site update and alert you when I start to make changes worth translating. No point in making work for you :-) --annew 10:34, 23 October 2009 (UTC)

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