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KrossWordPuzzle is a crossword playing game and editor. You can use it to create new crosswords. It can open and save *.puz-files (AcrossLite) and it's own *.kwp files (which are XML files) or *.kwpz (which are compressed *.kwp files). You can download lots of crosswords from within the game.


  • Different crossword types: American, Swedish, Number Puzzle and Crossnumber. User defined types are also possible based on a set of rules. Barred crosswords can be played/designed (bars added automatically).
  • A library, to store crosswords in. There are many ways to fill your library with crosswords, eg. by importing crosswords from files or by downloading crosswords. You can also add crosswords to the library by dropping files, eg. from dolphin.
  • Load/save AcrossLite PUZ-files.
  • Download lots of PUZ-files from the Internet.
  • Load/save XML files (*.kwp for kross-word-puzzle, *.kwpz for compressed *.kwp-files).
  • Thumb creator for crossword files. It's used to get thumbnails for crosswords in the library. Can also be enabled for crossword files in dolphin.
  • Print crosswords, print preview.
  • Export to PDF, Postscript, PNG, JPEG.
  • Themes. There are currently three themes available: Default, Scribble and an Egyptian theme.
  • Give hints, check and solve crosswords.
  • Set confidence values for filled out letter cells.
  • Image cells, which can be stretched across multiple cells. Can display local or remote images.
  • Double clue cells, two (half) clue cells inside one cell in the crossword grid.
  • A solution word can be defined by converting some letter cells to "solution letter cells" in edit mode. The solution word is displayed in a toolbar, focus and current letters are synchronized between the solution letter cells in the toolbar and the ones in the crossword.
  • Erasor tool to clear letter cells / whole clue answers.
  • Clue list in a dock, which also shows the current answers.
  • Edit crosswords (edit mode). You can add/remove/change clues and images, change correct letters, convert between crossword types, resize the crossword grid or move all cells in the grid. Clue cells can be hidden or shown with the clue text in it, useful for german/swedish/? crosswords.
  • Undo/redo for all edit actions. The undo stack can also be saved with the crossword in XML files.
  • A dictionary to find matching answers for new clues. The dictionary database (MySQL) can be filled from plain text dictionaries, crossword files or cvs-files. You can search for answers using wildcard patterns. Those patterns are automatically generated based on the letters that are already in the crossword, therefore matching answers are automatically offered when adding new clues.
  • Templates for new crosswords.
  • Interactively change answer-lengths by dragging a bar after the last letter cell of a clue.
  • Check for 180 degree rotation symmetry, view statistics.
  • Restore lost crosswords after a crash of the game (hopefully there is none ;)).

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.