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''This page describes how to add and edit content on UserBase. For an introduction to translating pages, see [[Translate]].''
== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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This page describes how to add and edit content on UserBase. For an introduction to translating pages, see Translate.


UserBase is a free wiki for KDE Software, which means that anyone can add and improve the content here. [...]

There are many ways to contribute to UserBase. [...]

  • Editing content
  • Adding new content
  • Managing content
  • Translating content
  • Writing manuals

Getting started

Help-hint.png Tip If you already have an OpenID account it may well work with UserBase. You should try that first.
  • Go to a page that you want to improve, e.g. KTimetracker. For starters you can experiment in the Sandbox
  • Click on Edit to edit the page
  • Make your changes in the text box, see [[]] below for more information
  • Use Show preview to preview your changes
  • If everything looks good, enter a short summary of the changes in the Summary box and click on Save Page


What belongs in UserBase

KDE UserBase is the home for users and enthusiasts of KDE software. It provides high quality information for end users on how to use KDE applications.

UserBase is the central point of contact for end users looking for help using KDE applications or for any other user-oriented information about KDE-related issues. It provides task-oriented help how to achieve user's goals, application-oriented info to learn more about the applications a user uses or tips and tricks to make user's life easier and more pleasant. Information on userbase should be polished and stable. It should not require deep technical knowledge or being familiar with the community. Contributions by users are very welcome.

For technical documentation use KDE TechBase. For community info use the KDE Community Wiki. See the Wiki Landing Page for an overview.

General style


Talk pages

Adding new pages

Translating pages

Writing manuals

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