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UserBase is a free wiki for KDE Software, which means that anyone can add and improve the content here.

There are many ways to contribute to UserBase.

Quick Start

Help-hint.png Tip If you already have an OpenID account it may well work with UserBase. You should try that first.
  • Go to a page that you want to improve, e.g. KTimetracker. For starters you can experiment in the Sandbox
  • Click on Edit
  • Do your changes, here is some help with formatting and with page layout.
  • Preview your page - links are already live, so you can check them at the same time (by hovering)
  • Click on Save page


What belongs on UserBase


Editing Content

Talk pages

Adding New Pages

Translating Pages

Writing Manuals

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.