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I am a student and mostly do some editing here in my school breaks or sometimes at home, so constructive feedback is always open :)

Hey my name is Thamognya here is more about me.

Here are my contributions: Special:Contributions/Jeff132312342q4323

Here are my Gentoo forum posts: Jeff132312342q4323's Posts

Here is my Gentoo forum profile: Jeff132312342q4323's Gentoo Forum profile

Want to contact me about my contributions here are is my discord: IronZoom#5805 (keep in mind you have to tell me you are from so I don't block you) or Github: MeliodasZoom or Reddit pm Meliodas_real or Gentoo forum dm: Jeff132312342q4323's Gentoo Forum profile or quora:Jeff-Meliodas (keep in mind you have to tell me you are from so I don't block you).

I would like to contribute here in my free time since I use Gentoo and want to make it easier for others so that Gentoo becomes more popular.