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|[[Image:KTTS.png|left]]||  ||'''The KDE Text-To-Speech System, KTTS'''.
|[[Image:KTTS.png|left]]||  ||'''The KDE Text-To-Speech System, KTTS'''

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The KDE Text-To-Speech System, KTTS



KDE Text-To-Speech System or KTTS is an application that can run in the background to provide speech output of text throughout the desktop. It integrates with many applications and is simple to use.

Using KTTS


Once installed you can start KTTS by going to your applications menu and under Utilites open kttsmgr. Or just start KRunner 'Alt+F2' and run 'ktts'. KTTS is not initially setup and you will need to do this before using its speaking abilities.

The first step is to make sure you have a compatible speech engine installed

Now you can continue on and create a 'Talker.' Select the tab Talker from the Text-to-Speech Control Module and click 'Add.'


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