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Nilli is a savvy wiki editor, with a couple of admin positions on minor wikis. Her lack of programming skills combined with her desire to help the KDE community made her create this account, as to help out with the little she can.



  • US English
  • Swedish

Nilli writes English fluently enough to take the role as a grammar nazi, but her main language is Swedish. If you need help translating from English to Swedish (or the other way around), feel free to drop a note on her Discussion page.


  • XHTML (validating XHTML 1.0 strict)
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Wiki syntax

The only programming Nilli knows is for web. She can write validating XHTML 1.0 Strict, and pays much attention to semantic coding (only using tags for intended purposes).

She has been teaching herself PHP combined with MySQL for the past couple of years, resulting in many fun personal projects. While these skills are not enough to create advanced projects, they have helped her understand the basics of coding syntax, so if need be she can localize in code to find or change information.

Nilli started her career as a wiki enthusiast in the summer of 2008, when she played a game and realized that the main source of information was in desperate need of an in-game data gatherer. After that she has been roaming around various game wikis, to eventually end up here. During the years she has learned many advanced coding practices, and where there are no local guidelines she tries to follow the Wikipedia guidelines when it comes to content and regular conduct.


  • Gentoo / KDE
  • Kubuntu
  • Windows XP SP2

Nilli has been using KDE since 2007. Currently it is Gentoo with KDE. Since it takes such a long time to set up Gentoo she has also used Kubuntu quite a few times, but she is slowly replacing all Kubuntu installations with Gentoo. She once tried KDE On Windows, but after an upgrade it stopped working entirely and she hasn't tried it since.

There are sadly a few things in Windows that still cannot be replaced on other platforms, so she is hanging on by a thread to her Windows OS. She is eagerly awaiting a future in which all of these things are fully replaced so that she can permanently make the switch.

Favorite KDE software

  • KWrite text editor - A great lightweight tool for writing code
  • Konqueror file manager - Using the Fish protocol it feels as though network files are local

Personal pages

The pages above are either lists of pages Nilli wants to find her way back to easily, or temporary pages she might be working on.