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  • Translation Workflow
    A guide explaining the steps required from new article to finished translation.
  • Special:PageTranslation
    A list of articles marked for translation, and also whether or not the articles have been updated after they were marked last.
  • Special:LanguageStats/sv
    A list of articles with their completion percentage of Swedish translations. Can be set to only show articles in need of attention.


  • Pages to be worked on should be prioritised.
  • Group 1 - pages relating to the current 'hot topics':
Akonadi 4.4/Troubleshooting/sv
KAddressBook 4.4/sv
Akonadi and AddressBook/sv
  • Group 2 - pages most immediately needed by newcomers:
Welcome to KDE UserBase/sv
Quick Start/sv
Getting Help/sv
What is KDE/sv

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