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Hi, I am the CCO of Vox Humanitatis and we mainly care about terminology and educational material in languages of less resourced cultures. The mayor languages are to be considered "bridges" to reach the less resourced ones, therefore all are relevant to us.

We started to create material mainly for Parley, but also KHangMan. Since the data is really a lot we cannot upload it one by one to and so we decided to use a Mercurial repository until we get a better solution: - Instructions on how to download data from there can be found here: - eventually this should be added to the Parley and KHangMan manuals since date there will become more and more over time.

Here I actually try to write down what I do with Parley so that the manual automatically starts to build. See: Parley/Manual

What else: well in real life I deal with communication and translation. Further info can be found on our website on

If you wish to contact me, you often can find me on IRC #kde-edu and #ambaradan on or you can use e-mail s.eller [at] voxhumanitatis [dot] org.

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