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I am the master of disaster.

Ideas/Criticism on this wiki

  • file uploads on this wiki must be possible, or at least image embedding
  • let us not make tons of translations
  • after reading, how did you accomplish the short URL and is this sustainable?
  • I would like to have boxes around
pre-tagged content

as on

  • the pre-tagged text should be able to expand to a higher width than the KDE logo graphic
  • pre-tagged content should scale, but does not as this example shows:
on a large-enough screen you should be able to see this line without scrolling, but you are not.

new articles

controlling a cluster

You have a cluster of 16 servers and want to send commands to all servers at once? Not a problem with KDE 3.5. Use konsole and open 16 tabs, log in to each server on a special tab. Use one tab to send input to all tabs (right-click onto the tab -> send input to all sessions).

Problems I found:

  • sometimes you forget that you are sending the input to all servers, this can lead to unpredictable behavior :(
  • sometimes you change tabs and forget you have done this :(
  • it is tedious to open 16 tabs and log in on every one to a dedicated server
  • automated login via dcop does not work with KDE 4
  • the "tab" key on your keyboard for auto-completion may display different results on different servers
  • the cursor keys on your keyboard for command-repetition may display different results on different servers
  • forgetting to end the "send input to all sessions" mode may lead to unpredictable behavior
  • the commands may need different time to return on different hosts (especially downloading; if 16 servers download at the same time, the network delivers unpredictable response times)
  • you will not see if the sessions answer differently (e.g. error on only one server)

KDE Questions

  • I have 3 soundcards at the moment: my webcam, my headset and my "normal" soundcard. How can I tell kmix to use one specifc?
    • systemsettings

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